Radiographic Intraoperative Assessment

HipGrid® is an intraoperative fluoroscopic alignment device for use in Direct Anterior THA.


  • Simple
  • Proven
  • Cost-effective



How Does HipGrid Work?

HipGrid attaches to a 12" C-arm image intensifier. Once in place and covered by a sterile drape, the surgeon positions the grid pattern over the appropriate anatomical landmarks. 


HipGrid reveals fluoroscopic distortion inherent in C-arm images allowing the surgeon to make informed decisions when restoring patient leg length and hip offset while helping to achieve optimal acetabular cup positioning.

Distortion Simulator

Distortion: Grid:

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Optimize Outcomes

Optimize Outcomes

Ensure proper implant positioning and anatomic alignment in direct anterior total hip arthroplasty with visual references provided by HipGrid.

Save Money

Save Money

Avoid large capital expenditures and recurring sterilization costs with HipGrid.

Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk

HipGrid is surgeon operated, reducing the need for additional OR personnel.  Additionally, surgeons can expect to become proficient with the technology after 1-2 cases.