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Data Driven, AI Powered. Leading the Transformation of Orthopedic Surgery.

By harnessing the power of Data, OrthoGrid Digital Platform creates a robust AI-driven Ecosystem to provide real-time accurate1 and efficient2 surgical assistance.

Data Driven, AI Powered. Leading the Transformation of Orthopedic Surgery.

One Artificial Intelligence Surgical Assistance Ecosystem

The Future of Orthopaedic Surgery is Here.

OrthoGrid Provides the Only Data-Driven / AI-Powered, Intraoperative Orthopaedic Digital Surgical Assistance Platform.

One AI Surgical Assistance Platform
Maximizing the Full Potential of Fluoroscopy:

THREE Data-Driven, AI-POWERED Orthopaedic Applications



Reveals hidden fluoroscopic distortion


Integrates with current surgical workflow


Interfaces with existing hospital equipment


Open Platform - compatible with all implant systems


Potentially reduces radiation exposure by requiring fewer unnecessary repetitive images


Compatible with traditional and digital C-arms

digital orthopedic surgery

OrthoGrid is Leading the Revolution of Digital Orthopedic Surgery.

Our technology platform focuses the power of clinical data science to address real-world limitations in orthopedic surgery. The value of clearing these boundaries extends far beyond the operating room.

  • Optimize surgical workflows and reduce operating time1.
  • Augment image interpretation and enhance surgical outcomes2.
  • Maximize your clinical value from a technological investment designed to optimize performance and outcomes in both the hospital and surgery center environments.
  1. Thorne, et Al. Comparison of Component Placement Accuracy Using Two Intraoperative Fluoroscopic Grid Technologies During Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty; JOA 2020​
  2. Gililland et Al. A Fluoroscopic Grid in Supine THA. JOA 2012​

Our Customers deserve:

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"OrthoGrid's platforms have gained notoriety across the global healthcare landscape based on its position as an intraoperative solution for surgeons to make better decisions in the operating room."

Jeremy Gililland, MD, Joint Replacement Specialist

Jeremy Gililland, MD, Joint Replacement Specialist