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About OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.

OrthoGrid Systems Holdings, LLC is a medtech firm aiming to digitally transforming orthopedic surgery. Through its expanding portfolio of AI-driven surgical applications in total joint replacement, hip preservation, and trauma, our solutions are becoming integral to surgeons’ ability to deliver reproducible surgical outcomes to patients. By leveraging our robust IP portfolio and by merging our deep understanding of unmet clinical needs with our extended technologically capabilities, we deliver innovations that address challenging orthopedic problems that lead to surgical complications and failure. Today our applications are already supporting hundreds of surgeons in world- renown healthcare centers in the U.S. and in Japan. The data we collect and process is the cornerstone for the next innovation boom in the largest medical device market, Orthopedics. Our AI-driven software platform will transform the way orthopedic surgery is conducted.

What Drives OrthoGrid?

Our Mission

We use data to solve critical surgical problems. We deliver the right information in real-time to drive the transformation of musculoskeletal surgery, answer the value-based healthcare equation, and improve patient outcomes.

Our Vision

To lead the digital transformation of orthopaedic surgery.

Our Values

Drive Results: Execute and innovate. One team, one direction.
Deliver on Commitments: Work efficiently. Feel empowered to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Get things done.
Focus on Impact: Quality, safety, integrity, and teamwork. Understand how your work affects others.
Thrive Together: Lift our customers and teammates through positivity, confidence, and graciousness. Trust others’ capabilities. As the organization succeeds, you succeed.