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Artificial Intelligence
for Orthopaedic Surgery is Here

Artificial Intelligencefor Orthopaedic Surgery is Here

Powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning, the OrthoGrid Hip AI® and OrthoGrid Trauma AI platforms are the world’s first AI-driven intraoperative hip replacement and ORIF surgical assistants.

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AI is powered by Data
Here’s How Data Driven AI Helps Surgeons


Radiographic data helps surgeons at critical moments of surgery.


OrthoGrid processes and personalizes clinical data for each patient, so surgeons can improve efficiency and achieve a higher level of performance.


AI functions with ultimate precision and reproducibility, enhancing the surgeon’s expertise consistently and reliably.

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How will you harness AI to improve and differentiate your practice?

Experience the next generation of assistance for your orthopaedic cases.

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OrthoGrid has transformed my practice several times now. First with HipGrid, then with distortion correction, and now with AI-assist, they are bringing a highly capable virtual assistance in my OR!

– John Masonis, MD

OrthoGrid Hip AI - Patient Testimonial