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OrthoGrid Hip Preservation

OrthoGrid Hip Preservation represents a revolutionary non-invasive navigation app software technology available to surgeons for the intraoperative surgical treatment of the pre-arthritic hip.

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Hip Surgery Hip Surgery

The Future of Hip Preservation Surgery is Here.

  • OrthoGrid Hip Preservation integrates with the surgical workflow to provide surgeon-controlled intraoperative templating that utilizes fluoroscopic images.
  • Accounting for fluoroscopic distortion and providing comprehensive real-time intraoperative feedback, OrthoGrid Hip Preservation allows the surgeon to more accurately1 assess alignment and correction in real time for more precise attainment of final goals.

OrthoGrid Hip Preservation is intended for use in hip preservation procedures such as:

  • Arthroscopic femoral osteochondroplasty for FAI
  • Arthroscopic acetabuloplasty for FAI
  • Surgical dislocation and osteochondroplasty for FAI
  • Periacetabular osteotomy and other pelvic osteotomies for dysplasia
Hip Surgery

Features & App Tools



Integrates with traditional and flat panel digital C-arms and associated PACS system interfaces


Reveal Distortion

Reveals hidden fluoroscopic distortion


Pelvis Auto-Lock

Continuously provides real-time feedback, auto-locking based on anatomical landmarks selected by the physician.


Sourcil Identification Marker

The Sourcil Marker can be utilized to highlight the medial and lateral edges of the sourcil


Multiple Tool Selection

Center Edge Angle (CEA)
Acetabular Index Tonnis Angle (AI)
Alpha Angle
Wall Index



Continuously provides real-time feedback, auto-locking based on anatomical landmarks selected by the physician.

Accurately Hit the Target1

Seamless Workflow Integration

Confidence in Reproducible Results1

"Traditionally, and for most surgeons today, we eyeball correction. But considering the magnitude of what we go through to execute bone cuts, perhaps in 2022, we can do better than eyeball our corrections."

Chris Peters, MD, Hip Preservation Specialist

Chris Peters, MD, Hip Preservation Specialist

Featured Video

OrthoGrid Hip Preservation in PAO procedure: Quantifying Correction needed + Confirming reduction, coverage & impingement.


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