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OrthoGrid Hip

OrthoGrid Hip is a non-invasive navigation App that enhances existing fluoroscopic data and provides orthopaedic surgeons with valuable, real-time image analysis tools for intra-operative decision-making and execution of direct anterior THA.

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Three simple and intuitive steps

OrthoGrid Hip - Step 1

OrthoGrid Hip
Pelvic Pitch

Recreating the patient-specific functional pelvic plane

OrthoGrid Hip - Step 2

OrthoGrid Hip Cup

Execute acetabular cup target real-time

OrthoGrid Hip - Step 3

OrthoGrid HIP LEG

Correct / restore Leg Length & Offset

With Image Distortion Correction

OrthoGrid Hip addresses THA fluoroscopic imaging limitations.

Through the use of a patented, non-sterile Grid pattern which  mounts directly to the existing hospital C-Arm, OrthoGrid Hip automatically Reveals and Corrects Distortion in real time.

Fluoroscopic distortion correction

To Achieve

Continuum of Care

Alignment Accuracy1

Within +/-2mm for LLO or +/- 3 degrees for angle measurements3

Predictable Outcomes1

Time and Cost Efficency2

15% decrease in anterior THA O.R. time2

"OrthoGrid's platforms have gained notoriety across the global healthcare landscape based on its position as an intraoperative solution for surgeons to make better decisions in the operating room."

Jeremy Gililland, MD, Joint Replacement Specialist

Jeremy Gililland, MD, Joint Replacement Specialist

Featured Videos

OrthoGrid Hip: Perceived Versus Radiographic Leg Length Discrepancy in Complex Direct Anterior THA


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  1. Thorne, et Al. Comparison of Component Placement Accuracy Using Two Intraoperative Fluoroscopic Grid Technologies During Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty; JOA 2020
  2. Gililland et Al. A Fluoroscopic Grid in Supine THA. JOA 2012
  3. Data on file - OrthoGrid Inc internal reports.

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