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OrthoGrid Trauma®

OrthoGrid Trauma® is a non-invasive, surgical assistance app providing surgeons and their teams with valuable, real-time image analysis tools for intra-operative Assessment and Execution of all Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) procedures.

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Fluoroscopy in Open Reduction & Internal Fixation (ORIF) trauma procedures: It’s the Gold Standard but Can you Trust What you See?

  • Image intensifiers are frequently used in trauma procedures as an intra-operative navigation tool. This technology is used through the procedure for fracture reduction, pin/wire placement, and implant fixation.
  • Did you know image intensifier distortion can significantly alter the intended trajectory of a guidewire? Ward, et. al. found this deviation was approximately 10mm if the guidewire was aimed from the extremity of the image!1
  • Considering the general incidence of non- or mal-union in common trauma procedures is reported to range from 1.9% to over 20%2,3,4,5,6 the influence of distortion is likely a contributing factor.


The Future of ORIF Trauma Surgeries is Here.

Universal by design, this App can be used in any trauma procedures to:

  • Correct Distortion
  • Confirm Reduction and Alignment using multiple tools
  • Reduce eye-balling of instrument Trajectories
  • Improve Efficiency

Training Orthopedic Surgeons?

  • Interactive operating training application
  • Review, Discuss and Present cases
  • Improve trainee’s efficiency and accuracy
OrthoGrid Trauma

Three simple and intuitive steps

OrthoGrid Hip - Step 1


Trust in non-distorted images
Assess Overall Alignment
Confirm Reduction

OrthoGrid Hip - Step 2


Save time and radiation with Virtual Guide Wire by projecting trajectory

OrthoGrid Hip - Step 3


Measure screw lengths and optimally place implants by calibrating of images

Confirm Post-op Alignment With Trusted Fluoro Images


Restore Anatomic Alignments

Optimize Implant Positioning

Operate Efficiently

Seamlessly Integrate Into Current Workflow

Incorporate Into Any Trauma Procedure

"Until recently, there was no solution in technology to assist us, trauma surgeons, in surgery beyond the image from the c-arm. And that image can have a lot of distortion in it which has an impact on our alignment assessment. I use OrthoGrid Trauma on all my cases, from pilons and elbows to pelvic fractures and there is always a tool that brings value to my reduction or fixation work. But at the very least, I want the distortion corrected on every image so I can operate stress free."

Erik Kubiak, MD, Trauma Specialist

Erik Kubiak, MD, Trauma Specialist

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