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Hip Surgery

If hip preservation procedures were easy, all surgeons would do them.

Hip preservation specialists rely on fluoroscopic images throughout the surgery to determine desired osteotomy cuts and anatomic alignment.

But fluoroscopic images alone have limitations that can affect surgical outcomes of hip preservation procedures:

  • Fluoroscopic images are subject to fluoroscopic distortion that is invisible to the naked eye without the use of a visualization aid.
  • Each fluoroscopic image includes countless data points that a surgeon must assess in real-time while the patient is on the table.
  • In the absense of other tools, a surgeon must rely on his or her ability to assess and optimize key alignment factors such as alpha angle and acetabular fragment positioning, which can affect patient results.

PhantomMSK Hip Preservation helps surgeons navigate the complexities of PAO procedures.

PhantomMSK Hip Preservation is a non-invasive software system that pulls in fluoroscopic images and provides orthopaedic surgeons with valuable, real-time image analysis tools for PAO and other hip preservation procedures.

The system makes visualization of fluoroscopic distortion possible and provides key templating and imaging analysis tools that allow surgeons to analyze and address critical factors that affect PAO outcomes in surgery, when there is still time to make critical adjustments.

PhantomMSK Hip Preservation is designed to:

    Integrate with a surgeon's current surgical workflow.
  • Interface with existing hospital equipment, including both traditional and digital C-arms.
  • Enable surgeons to more fully evaluate osteotomy cuts and anatomical alignment intraoperatively.
  • Treat hip preservation patients with more reproducibility.
Hip Surgery

"Traditionally, and for most surgeons today, we eyeball correction. But considering the magnitude of what we go through to execute bone cuts, perhaps in 2020, we can do better than eyeball our corrections."

Chris Peters, MD, Hip Preservation Specialist

Chris Peters, MD, Hip Preservation Specialist

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