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In  recent  years,  patients  electing  to  undergo  a  hip  replacement  surgery  have  been  increasingly  encouraged  to  consider  having their  procedure  performed  at  an  Outpatient  Surgery  Center.  There  are  a  multitude  of  benefits  associated  with  outpatient  hip  replacement  surgery,  but  variable  levels  of  equipment  and  infrastructure  at  outpatient  centers  can  encumber  physicians  with  unanticipated  difficulties  that  add  challenge  and  complexity  to  an  otherwise  routine  surgery. 

OrthoGrid  Systems  understands  these  dynamics  and  has  been  a  pioneer  in  the  development  of  practical,  cost-effective  orthopedic  alignment  solutions  for  these  specialized  facilities.  OrthoGrid  has  subsequently  developed  a  portfolio  of  patented  advancements  that  enhance  C-arm  functionality  to  enable  efficient  intra-operative  imaging  in  an  outpatient  surgery  setting.    Available  as  both  analog  and  digital  solutions,  OrthoGrid’s  unique  and  clinically  validated  portfolio  sets  a  benchmark  for  simplicity,  value,  and  function  in  the  outpatient  surgery  center. 

Why  OrthoGrid  Outpatient  Solutions? 

Compared to uneconomic orthopedic "robot" products or similarly expensive but clinically-debatable technologies, OrthoGrid provides exceptionally cost-effective tools for physicians to enjoy better intra-operative feedback while avoiding the unaffordable costs and reoccurring fees of complex and unwieldy robots. From our advanced digital PhantomMSK Hip Technology to our Original HipGrid, OrthoGrid’s products feature:

  • Universal implant and C-arm manufacturer compatibility
  • Distortion revealing grid technology, engineered to enhance intra-operative decisions on Pelvic Pitch™, Pelvic Obliquity, Acetabular Cup Position, Hip Offset and Leg Length Restoration
  • Current surgical workflow integration
  • Increased efficiency with demonstrated reduction of procedure time by up to 15 min¹

Why  OrthoGrid  Outpatient  Solutions? 

PhantomMSK Hip

PhantomMSK Hip

OrthoGrid PhantomMSK Hip logo

Advanced Technology

OrthoGrid’s portfolio of orthopedic alignment solutions continues to evolve to meet new demands from physicians and facility administrators. PhantomMSK Hip is OrthoGrid’s most recent contribution to aid in accurate anatomic restoration.  Minimal user interaction requirements paired with a simple and unobtrusive interface translates to a platform engineered to shorten operative times and decrease fluoroscopic usage.   

The Original HipGrid

OrthoGrid Hipgrid logo

Advanced Value

While there are many potential benefits and efficiencies associated with Outpatient Surgery Centers, the traditional hospital imaging center infrastructure is often unavailable, and so special-purpose tools such as standard 12" or smaller 9" C-arm systems are frequently utilized.

The Original HipGrid is:

  • Fully surgeon operated
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate all 9" and 12" round C-arms image intensifiers
  • Cost Effective
  • Interfaces with existing equipment
  • Less expensive than all other alignment technologies

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duel logoOrthoGrid’s solutions were recently featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine and continue to set the benchmark for efficiency and value in orthopedics.  Contact our Outpatient Surgery Customer Care Group today at info@orthogrid.com or (801) 703-5866 to schedule your no-obligation product trial in your institution!

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