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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgeons to Experience the New HipGrid™ Teardrop Vector™

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September 3, 2015 – Salt Lake City, Utah – OrthoGrid Systems, Inc. is quickly gaining credibility among orthopedic surgeons with their new HipGrid™ device in clinical evaluations across the country. While turning heads at some of the nation’s premier academic and hospital facilities, it is also making a significant impact in America’s community hospitals for surgeons performing anterior hip replacements.

HipGrid Teardrop Vector™ helps me fully take advantage of the power of the direct anterior approach. HipGrid is able to objectively quantify multiple variables that I use to judge the quality of my work in the operating room when it matters,” says Dr. Scott Colluphuon of Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, California.

HipGrid is clinically proven to provide orthopedic surgeons with a more reproducible and efficient technique by which to conduct a total hip replacement[1]. Despite being one of the most successful surgeries for treating hip arthritis, the procedure is near the top in malpractice litigation each year.[2]

Patients rely on their surgeons’ ability to ensure proper positioning and alignment, while decreasing the most common causes of poor outcomes in hip replacement procedures.

Orthopedic surgeons, who are always looking for ways to reduce to their outliers, are already praising the effectiveness of the device for the benefit of their patients.

“Although I have done thousands of anterior total hips, I found that HipGrid instantly helped me to become even more accurate and more efficient in the operating room,” adds Dr. Peter Ramsey of Conway Medical Center in Conway, South Carolina.

As our nation’s baby-boomers are set to far surpass their predecessors in average life expectancy, quality of life is of utmost importance as they reach their golden years. They are expected to stay active much later in life and the demand for hip replacements is set to soar.

For more information on OrthoGrid® Systems, Inc. and HipGrid, please or call 801-703-5866.

About HipGrid

Efficient, affordable and a clinical proven option for intraoperative navigation, HipGrid is an FDA-approved, Class I, medical device available in the U.S. and works with standard low- dose radiation C-arms available in most operating rooms. Orthopedic surgeons invented the non-invasive measurement system. It is clinically proven to assure proper implant positioning and reduce leg length inequality range post-surgery. HipGrid requires minimal setup time, no additional personnel and no extensive training. It proves cost-effective for surgeons and hospitals seeking to provide accountable care environments. Orthopedic surgeons may choose from two distinct grid patterns, HipGrid TearDrop Target™ (9”) device or HipGrid TearDrop Vector™ (12”) device, based on surgical and fluoroscopic preference.

About OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.

OrthoGrid Systems, Inc. is a privately owned medical device company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its focus is inventing more accurate and cost-effective ways to assist in proper positioning of implants and restoration of anatomical alignment in orthopedics. OrthoGrid supplies a growing portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies related to intraoperative alignment using radiopaque grid patterns for orthopedic total joint arthroplasty and trauma.


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[1] Gililland JM, Anderson LA, Boffeli SL, Pelt CE, Peters CL & Kubiak EN et al. 2012. A Fluoroscopic Grid in Supine Total Hip Arthroplasty: Improving Cup Position, Limb Length and Hip Offset. Journal of Arthroplasty, Sep 27 (8 Suppl): 111-6.

[2]Upadhuyay A, York S, Macaulay W, McGrory B, Robbennolt J & Bal BS. 2007. Medical Malpractice in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty. The Journal of Arthroplasty, 22 (6) S2, 2-7.