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New Clinical Data Supports the Use of OrthoGrid System, Inc.'s Analog and Digital Technology for Orthopedic Surgery

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – December 17, 2020 - OrthoGrid® Systems, Inc., a global medtech leader on a mission to digitally transform intraoperative musculoskeletal surgery, announces the publication of new clinical data supporting the use of its analog and digital technology in the Journal of Arthroplasty (JOA).

The article, entitled “Comparison of Component Placement Accuracy Using Two Intraoperative Fluoroscopic Grid Technologies During Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty”, out of the John A. Burns School of Medicine, Bone and Joint Center - Straub Medical Center, and Department of Surgery - University of Hawai’i, features data from Cass Nakasone, MD, a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in adult reconstructive surgery. The study compared Dr. Nakasone’s surgical outcomes and times in cases using OrthoGrid’s HipGrid® Drone and PhantomMSK™ Hip, known as manual gridding system (MGS) and digital gridding system (DGS) respectively, for direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty (DAA THA).

The JOA article concludes: “The use of easily adjustable grid systems (MGS and DGS) demonstrated an efficient method for consistent and accurate cup positioning and restoration of hip symmetry following DAA THA… with better surgical efficiency, the DGS remains the grid system of choice at the current study site.”

Dr. Nakasone says, “As compared to previous literature, both the Drone and Phantom showed consistent or improved hip abduction, offset, and leg length accuracy. Although the Drone appears to be slightly more accurate for abduction and offset, this is unlikely to be clinically significant, as there was no difference in the percentage of patients falling within the targeted safe zone. The Phantom provides this accuracy with reduced surgical time, which may be an added benefit for high volume arthroplasty surgeons.”

"We are thrilled to see Dr. Nakasone achieving these results with both our analog and digital solutions for DAA THA. We know the importance of achieving desired anatomic alignment to surgeons and their patients, and we are pleased our intraoperative alignment technologies are playing a role in helping surgeons achieve consistent surgical results,” says Edouard Saget, Co-CEO of OrthoGrid.

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OrthoGrid, founded in 2012, provides intraoperative alignment technologies via procedure-specific musculoskeletal applications for THA, hip preservation, and trauma. Its AI-enabled surgical guidance technology imports images from C-arms to reveal fluoroscopic distortion and helps surgeons achieve desirable and reproducible surgical outcomes.