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OrthoGrid Systems, Inc. Named Healthcare Tech Outlook Top 10 Surgery Solution Provider 2020

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – January 28, 2020 - OrthoGrid® Systems, Inc., a global medtech leader on a mission to digitally transform intraoperative musculoskeletal surgery, announces it was named a Top 10 Surgery Solution Provider 2020 by Healthcare Tech Outlook. Each year, Healthcare Tech Outlook awards those companies at the forefront of surgery solutions and impacting the industry.

OrthoGrid Top 10 Surgery Solution Provider 2020 Award

In an article entitled, “OrthoGrid: Digitally Transforming Orthopedic Surgery”, Healthcare Tech Outlook writes, “Technology that saves time and money associated with surgery will be critical for hospitals and surgery centers when they are able to start clearing the backlog of patients who had their elective surgeries postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” The article goes on to say, “OrthoGrid’s technology certainly factors into that equation for DAA THA procedures and at an affordable cost that is palatable for hospitals and surgery centers alike. OrthoGrid Hip has the ability to recognize and track specific anatomical landmarks, such as the pelvic teardrop. This capability facilitates consistent and accurate placement of specific templates used throughout the DAA THA procedure to help surgeons achieve their desired anatomic and implant alignment. This landmark recognition and tracking is enabled by AI (artificial intelligence) that is designed to minimize direct interaction with software, enhance surgeons’ workflows, and help surgeon’s achieve reproducible results.”

“We have worked hard to create intuitive, fluoroscopic imaging-based, surgical applications and technology that not only assists orthopedic surgeons to improve their outcomes for DAA THA, hip preservation, and orthopedic trauma procedures, but also contributes significantly to the value-based healthcare equation for both hospitals and ASCs. We are honored to receive this Top 10 Surgery Solution Provider 2020 recognition from Healthcare Tech Outlook,” says Edouard Saget, co-founder and co-CEO of OrthoGrid. “It’s rewarding to be recognized for our contributions to the field.”

Click here to read the article, OrthoGrid: Digitally Transforming Orthopedic Surgery, click here.

About OrthoGrid Hip

OrthoGrid Hip is an image-processing software indicated to assist in the positioning of Total Hip Replacement components. It is intended to assist in precisely positioning Total Hip Replacement components intraoperatively by measuring their positions relative to the bone structures of interest provided that the points of interest can be identified from radiology images. Clinical judgement and experience are required to properly use the device. The device is not for primary image interpretation. The software is not for use on mobile phones. Learn more at