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OrthoGrid Systems – Providing Tools to Orthopedic Surgeons for Surgical Precision

| Categories: Press Releases

Edouard Saget, Co-Founder, Board Member, and Co-CEO of OrthoGrid Systems, a Salt Lake City-based global medtech leader offering intraoperative alignment technologies that work across all orthopedic implants, discusses the partnership with the University of Utah Hospital. This partnership provides orthopedic surgeons with the latest technology in surgical precision, reducing hospital readmissions and improving patient outcomes for a variety of procedures, including total hip replacement, reconstruction, and total joint arthroplasty. OrthoGrid’s software technology is used directly in the OR via surgeons’ existing imaging tools, providing accuracy in a field where it’s extremely important and could impact leg length discrepancies, alignment, and overall mobility.

Edouard Saget, Co-Founder, Board Member, and Co-CEO of OrthoGrid Systems, is a healthcare entrepreneur, experienced in developing and delivering market entry and growth initiative strategies for companies. He has broad experience working with hospital systems and physician-driven center of excellence programs. With more than 16 years of experiencing taking companies through the process for legal structure, intellectual property, and fundraising, Edouard has been critical in securing OrthoGrid’s patents and driving the development of proprietary technology. He is a graduate of Boise State University and the Universite de Medecine in France.