Radiographic Intra-operative Assessment

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Advanced Fluoroscopic Grid Technology Designed to Enhance Intra-operative Decision Making in Total Hip Replacement

  • Reveals Hidden Fluoroscopic Distortion
  • Integrates with Current Surgical Workflow
  • Interfaces with Existing Hospital Equipment

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How Does HipGrid® Work?

HipGrid attaches to a 12" C-arm image intensifier. Once in place and covered by a sterile drape, the surgeon positions the grid pattern over the appropriate anatomical landmarks. 

HipGrid reveals fluoroscopic distortion inherent in C-arm images allowing the surgeon to make informed decisions when restoring patient leg length and hip offset while helping to achieve optimal acetabular cup positioning.

Discover and Reveal Hidden Distortion in Realtime

Discover and Reveal Hidden Distortion in Realtime

A typical C-arm image of the pelvis shows what appears to be a highly precise view of the anatomy. However, fluoroscopic distortion is revealed using the HipGrid technology.  The distortion, if not recognized and addressed, could lead to suboptimal intraoperative decision making.  HipGrid empowers surgeons to more fully evaluate component positioning and anatomical alignment intra-operatively, aiding in the determination of:

  • Pelvic Pitch
  • Pelvic Obliquity
  • Acetabular Cup Position
  • Hip Offset
  • Leg Length Restoration