Advanced Fluoroscopic Grid Technology Designed to Enhance Intra-operative Decision Making in Total Hip Replacement

  • Compatible with All 9" C-arm Image Intensifiers
  • Reveals Hidden Fluoroscopic Distortion
  • Integrates into Current Surgical Workflow
  • Interfaces with Existing Hospital Equipment
  • Open Platform - Works with All Implant Systems

Enhance Intra-operative Decision Making in Total Hip Arthroplasty

hipgrid nine

Enhance Intra-operative Decision Making in Total Hip Arthroplasty

The all New HipGrid NINE is designed to be used with a 9" C-arm when both lesser trochanters are not visible in the field of view and the surgeon desires to compare 2 AP hip views.

HipGrid NINE has been engineered with simplicity in mind and places control into the surgeons hands, allowing for seamless integration into the total hip replacement workflow.


Grid Functionality

HipGrid NINE

HipGrid NINE reveals fluoroscopic distortion and utilizes the TearDrop Target™ surgical technique to enhance intra-operative decisions when determining:

  • Pelvic Pitch
  • Pelvic Obliquity
  • Acetabular Cup Position
  • Hip Offset
  • Leg Length Restoration

Grid Functionality

Universal BOA® Fit Attachment System

BOA's fine tune fit provides simple, secure and universal fit for all 9" C-arm image intensifiers.

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OrthoGrid HipGrid 9-inch
OrthoGrid HipGrid 9-inch
OrthoGrid HipGrid 9-inch

TearDrop Target technique accommodates
for the smaller 9 inch field of view.

HipGrid NINE Surgical Technique

Ideal Value for Outpatient Surgery Centers

To meet the need for practical, cost-effective solutions for outpatient orthopedic surgery patients, OrthoGrid is pleased to introduce the new HipGrid NINE. Developed using the same patented methods and designs as the original HipGrid, the 9" System features distortion-revealing grids that make it simple and easy for physicians to immediately make informed intra-operative decisions on Pelvic Pitch™, Pelvic Obliquity, Acetabular Cup Position, Hip Offset and Leg Length Restoration.


  • Compatible with all implant systems
  • Fits all C-arms brands
  • Now available for 9" and 12" image intensifiers

Facilitates Enhanced Intra-operative Decision Making

  • Reveals fluoroscopic distortion

Increased Efficiency

  • Demonstrated reduction of procedure time by up to 15 min

Cost Effective

  • Interfaces with existing equipment

Value: Special ASC Pricing

  • OrthoGrid’s HipGrid NINE is an exceptionally cost-effective tool for physicians to enjoy better intra-operative feedback, while avoiding the unaffordable costs and fees of complex and unwieldy robots. Making alignment technology affordable for specialty care facilities

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HipGrid Nine 9 Benefits