Digital Fluoroscopic Grid Technology Engineered to Enable Intra-operative Decision Making in Total Hip Replacement

OrthoGrid’s unique, open-platform grid technology is engineered to correct fluoroscopic distortion in order to facilitate intra-operative decision making on implant component position & anatomical restoration.

The Phantom MSK™ System integrates seamlessly with existing hospital equipment and is designed for the Anterior Approach THA workflow.

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How Does PhantomMSK Work?

OrthoGrid’s patented fluoroscopic grid technology is derived from years of experience.  Published research has demonstrated improvements in multiple fundamental metrics when utilized for total hip arthroplasty.  PhantomMSK Hip assists surgeons to Aim for Perfection™ by CORRECTING hidden fluoroscopic distortion, which provides surgeons with accurate information during key decision points in the procedure.

The PhantomMSK Hip Application works by importing the intra-operative images from the C-arm.  Once the surgeon has identified and marked the Teardrop anatomical landmarks on the pelvis, OrthoGrid’s TearDrop Tracker feature auto-locks the grid placement in subsequent images with minimal user interaction or adjustment.  The system is designed to deliver actionable, valuable information to the physician quickly with minimal manual inputs.