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Intelligence-Guided Surgery

The future of medicine lies at the interface of modern computing and clinical practice. OrthoGrid is spearheading the integration of technologies poised to transform healthcare via a platform that merges computational and clinical expertise. In collaboration with some of the world's finest institutions for education, research, and surgical advancement, our center for orthopedic technology research and education in Strasbourg, France harnesses a thriving medtech ecosystem for the advancement of surgical care.

Powered by data-driven models of anatomy and surgical outcomes, Intelligence-Guided Surgery is the meaningful application of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide real-time, intraoperative solutions that are efficient, effective, and economic.

PhantomMSK Surgical Platform

A surgeon can plan, but without the proper tools to execute the plan, room for error exists. At Orthogrid, we create tools to enable surgeons to execute their plans when it matters, in surgery.

The PhantomMSK Surgical Platform is a non-invasive software system that provides image analysis tools for orthopedic procedures that use fluoroscopic imaging to assist with anatomic and implant alignment.

PhantomMSK is an implant vendor-agnostic platform that works with C-arms found in most operating rooms. Once a fluoroscopic image is acquired from a C-arm, it is displayed on the PhantomMSK system, where image analysis tools and templates can be used at the surgeon’s discretion, within the surgical workflow, to assist with measurement, anatomic and implant alignment, and more.

The PhantomMSK system has the ability to display, calculate, and correct fluoroscopic distortion. Fluoroscopic distortion is invisible to the naked eye and attributed to factors such as external electromagnetic interference, which is present in all operating rooms. When precise angles and alignment are critical factors in the surgical outcomes of orthopaedic cases, accounting for fluoroscopic distortion is a must.

PhantomMSK is designed to be:

  • EFFICIENT: Using clinically proven assessment tools, PhantomMSK surgical applications minmize the learning curve and integrate with existing surgical workflows. Further, the software has deep learning abilities that are capabile of such things as remembering anatomic alignments, such as percise pelvis positioning, and performing tasks a human cannot.
  • EFFECTIVE: Performance results with PhantomMSK surgical applications have been presented and touted by respected total joint arthroplasty surgeons and reknown hip preservation specialists. The PhantomMSK addresses the challenge of fluoroscopic distortion by allowing surgeons to visualize and correct for fluoroscopic distortion, thereby giving surgeons accurate fluoroscopic imaging data with with to work.
  • ECONOMCIAL: The PhantomMSK system integrates with traditional and digitial C-arms that are found in operating rooms throughout the world and works across all orthopedic implant manufacturers. All PhantomMSK software applications can be run from one platform, giving surgeons access to key tools for a variety of orthoped procedures requiring fluoroscopic imaging.

The current PhantomMSK Surgical Platform includes specific software applications for orthopedic hip, hip preservation, and trauma procedures. To learn more about each application, click the logos below.